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Fort Bragg Little League

Donated monies for Piver Field improvements for the Fort Bragg Little League Organization.

Support of Alternative Physical Education Resources for Local School Districts and After School Programs

​Friends of MCRPD donates to the Mendocino Community Center, summer programs of Albion and Fort Bragg and Mendocino.


Special Olympics

In 2015, Friends of MCRPD supplied the gear and supplies and started the Noyo Lasers, a Special Olympic Softball team.

CV Starr Center

​Friends of MCRPD raised funds for the current center (built in 2009) through a variety of projects.  Friends continued to raise funds indicative of our mission statement after this project, allowing for Scholarships and Grants to become available.  Pictured here is the old center that was built in 1922.

Happy Children

Project Sanctuary and Hospitality House

During the Holiday Season we donate over 100 swim passes and swim lessons to foster families, children with orthopedic challenges, as well as Project Sanctuary and Hospitality House.

Social Service Programs

Friends of MCRPD handles many requests from our local schools, hospitals and Foster Parenting programs, providing support where needed.

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